DIM-TTT Digital Identity Management (Train the Trainer)

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Digital Identity Management Train the Trainer Course (DIM-TTT)

Developed in Partnership: UWC Colab and Digital Inclusion

Facilitated by: Mike Hamilton


The “Digital Identity Management Train the Trainer” (DIM-TTT) program is aimed at equipping potential facilitators to be able to assist the UWC-Colab to rollout the “Digital Identity Management” Public Training  program. This is a two-day course. The first day focuses on content, the second day on how to deliver the course. Teaching focus includes the teaching approach, and the teaching toolkit (presentations, videos and other resources.)

The “Digital Identity Management” Public Training Program is aimed at enabling Learners, Youth and Adults to securely participate as digital citizens in an online world. This is a one day course.

Participants are exposed to identity management concepts, and the development of digital identity management skills.

Prerequisite Knowledge Requirements

Delegates should ideally have the following knowledge

  • Basic understanding that there are identity related risks associated with using computers and access services on the internet;
  • Basic awareness that protecting personal information is needed to ensure nobody uses personal information for illegal or malicious purposes; and
  • Basic awareness that we live in two worlds, the physical world and the online world, and that have identities in these worlds.

Prerequisite Skills Requirements

Delegates should have and be able to apply the following skill sets:

  • Ability to communicate in English;
  • Basic level of literacy to enable completion of research forms and understanding of course presentations and discussions; and
  • Basic Level of e-Literacy – Should be users of mobile phone and computing devices, as well as regular users of internet based services.

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