SME-Tech-TTT Mobile Technology in Support of SME Business (Train the Trainer)

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Developed in Partnership: UWC Colab and Digital Inclusion

Facilitated by: Mike Hamilton


The SME-Tech-TTT Course has been structured to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase potential for realising scale of market penetration by broadening the base of competent trainers for the SME-Tech “Mobile Technology in Support of Business” course.
  • Prepare potential trainers to deliver iterations of the SME-Tech “Mobile Technology in Support of Business” as a 2-day training program. Trainer Appointment and Program Delivery is controlled and managed by the course Sponsoring Host.

SME-Tech-TTT is typically a two-day course aimed at SME’s who offer training and development services in their communities, giving them the potential to become Service Providers to the SME-Tech Course Sponsoring Host.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills

Delegates must have attended and successfully completed the SME-Tech course before attending the SME-Tech-TTT course.

Course Focus and Outcomes

The SME-Tech-TTT course serves to address the following key focus areas and prepare delegates to deliver the SME-Tech course:

  • SME-Tech Course Flow – Familiarise Trainers with proposed Course flow and timing when delivering the SME-Tech course in future.
  • SME-Tech Training Infrastructure Needs – Equipment, Tools and Infrastructure needs to support the activities participants will engage in during SME-Tech training.
  • SME-Tech Discussion Plan – Overview and sequence of Supporting Discussions that provide context for participants prior to undertaking exercises.
  • SME-Tech Exercise Plan – Overview and sequence of Exercises. Exercises are grouped conceptually, categorised into basic and advanced exercises and suggestions offered re exercises being required or optional to allow for flow management and adaptation to time constraints or participant progress and pace.
  • Training Tips – How Learning Works, Engaging the Audience, Working with Groups, Flow Management. Ensuring facilitators are exposed to key considerations of teaching and learning to better ensure they understand how to guide delegates on their learning journey.

Conditions of Access and Use

Access to the content of this course is restricted. All content remains the property of the University of the Western Cape.

Registered Course Delegates (pre-certification) may access content while actively on the course for the purpose of:

  • developing knowledge and skills as required during the course
  • preparing for the final course online assessment

Trainers that have been certified and remain actively associated with the program, can continue to access and use content for the purpose of:

  • Supporting the certified trainer to prepare for delivery of a scheduled “Mobile Technology in Support of SME Business” course in conjunction with the sponsoring party (University / Colab).
  • Supporting the certified trainer to present and deliver a scheduled “Mobile Technology in Support of SME Business” course in conjunction with, or on behalf of the sponsoring party (University / Colab).

No materials or content can be used for any purpose other than described in this section. Trainers will lose their association with the program if found to be using content for other purposes.