Getting Started

UWC Colab offers blended and online courses on this platform.

Registered delegates are assigned to groups and through their groups have access to courses for which they have been registered. Invitations to join a course are sent to delegates once the administrator has completed the registration process.

On visiting the platform, the key functionality is presented after a delegate has logged in successfully. A context specific menu will be displayed, showing the following menu items:

Getting Started: This page as currently displayed. This page is visible whether logged in or not.

My Profile: You can maintain your own profile and review your course progress. This is where you can change your password, check the correctness of your name, verify your email address is correct, upload a photo etc.

My Forums: This page shows forums and their content. Public forums are visible to all, Private Forums shown here are linked to your course and you can participate as a registered delegate.

Colab Posts: From time to time UWC Colab representatives may post items of interest that are potentially applicable to all, delegates and the general public. If you are logged in, you may be able to comment on posts. Comments if permitted may be moderated to ensure appropriate use of the platform.

Admin: Depending on your role on this platform, you will see administrator functionality related to your role. Admins, Group Admins, Instructors, Authors and Subscribers will see different features.

Log In / Log Out: No tricks here! If logged out, Log In will be displayed and if logged in, Log Out will be displayed.